Graphic Print Pack Group

Vision & Values


We will deliver the best quality based on all aspects of the corporation with our customers. This is achieved through continuous development of our own and our partner's competences. By this we will secure our customers benefits and profitability of their investment in our corporation.

We do not want to be able to do all,
but we want to be best, at what we do ...

Values of cooperation

The relationship with our customers and partners are based on simple but important values for us:

  • Trust and openness in the cooperation
  • Credibility in agreements
  • Flexibility through believing in the possibilities, not limitations
  • Continuous development to optimize the benefits for all parties
  • Establish long-term relations

Graphic Print & Pack Group . Hyrdestręde 1A 1 . DK-6000 Kolding . Tel +45 25 46 00 50 .