Graphic Print Pack Group

Industrial Packaging Concepts

Industrial packaging solutions require optimization of numerous of parameters. Parameters that we use in the development process to create competitive advantages for our customers. We can just mention:

  • The sales performance of the packaging in both design and construction
  • Physical possibilities and limitations through distribution
  • Physical characteristics of product such as frozen, cooled or dry
  • Distribution channels and storage
  • Packaging process and technology

GPPG’s industrial packaging concepts are developed within 2 types of material:

  • Carton board for primary or secondary product packaging targeted retail sector mm.
  • Corrugated board for sales -, transport - or combined sales and transport packaging

Through the flexibility in type of materials we can advise our customers about the possibilities and limitations and develop packaging solutions that are optimized for their and their customers' specific requirements.

Our structure and concepts secures that GPPG can be an objective partner within packaging solutions as all competences are available in the group. Through this we develop, produce and deliver based on both qualitative and economic aspects and by this secure competitive power for our customers.

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